Thursday, 12 February 2009


"Susi Medusa's perverted mind has no limits. See her dirtiest obsessions through the eyes of her harem of sex slaves who revel in anal sex idolatry, submitting themselves to oral depravation, uniforms, leather, and high-heel worship, while masturbating and worshiping themselves in their cum-splattered lairs of depravity!"
"I am here to bring chaos and disturbance into the 21st century porn biz!" ...Few artists in any medium can create a body of work that is instantly recognizable as their own. Susi Medusa is clearly one of those, and with her movies she's built up a loyal following over the years. Bikers, PVC uniforms, whip-wielding whores, sluts in chains, big black boots and the bitches and boys who lick them - that's just a taste of Susi Medusa's perverse universe. She controls every aspect of her work - from the set design, to the make up, to the editing process - and this gives her movies that unique personal stamp - or should I say stomp!"
"Perverse disciplines and fetishist obsessions rule Sylvia's corrupt world. Join her and her new girlfriend on the other side of sexual desire, and witness how these lesbian whores turn a man into a sex object, revel in fetish uniforms and anal-sex idolatry, submit to their darkest desires in a dungeon, experiment with the most perverse oral depravation and high heel worship. A world where powerful passions and vice reign, and real lust is laid bare."
Starring: Claudia Rossi, Daria Glower, Jennifer Stone, Kathy Anderson, Lucy Lee, Suzie Diamond, Dillon, J.J., Joe Monti, Cage, Neeo, Rudy.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA


"Cult Fetish director Susi Medvsa strikes back with a movie full of beautiful BOOTED SEXY BITCHES playing domination games and pumping men dry in prison cells & dungeons… These whores on boots make them stay on their knees, suck and bite their heels & lick their soles before letting them fuck their asses until the cum drips on the floor from their sore assholes... Feel like being stomped a little?"
Starring: Natalli Di Angelo, Tarra White, Sarah Twain, Ellen Peterson, Jenna Lovely, Dillon, J.J., George Uhl, Martin S.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA

Thursday, 15 January 2009


"Susi Medusa, famosa regista hard e fetish, torna con un nuovo capolavoro raccontandoci una storia fatta di sesso, gelosia e vendetta tra donne. Eva (Tarra White) eD Ellis (Nikki Sun) sono legate tra loro da un amore assoluto e perverso. Le due amanti custodiscono un segreto, con la complicità del Dr. Rausmann hanno causato la morte Vincent, marito dell’una e fratello dell’altra ma… Myriam (Bambola), anche lei sorella di Vincent e morbosamente innamorata di Eva intuisce la situazione e giura di vendicarsi seducendo i loro amanti e facendo sentire cosa sia il suo morso malvagio: il bacio della vipera."
"Après la disparition de son mari, Eva (Tarra White) et sa belle-soeur Hellis (Nikki SUN), toutes deux lesbiennes, sont devenues amantes et sont liées par une passion absolue et quelque peu perverse. Par ailleurs, elles partagent un lourd secret : si Vincent (J. J.), l’ex mari d’Eva, est mort, c’est par leur faute. Mais, Myriam, l’autre sœur de Vincent, tombée désespérément amoureuse d’Eva et jalouse de sa sœur, devine leur forfait. Elle jure alors de se venger en séduisant d’abord leurs amantes successives et en leur faisant connaître le venin de sa morsure : le « baiser de la vipère ».
Susi MEDUSA, célèbre réalisatrice de films fétichistes, a réussi là une manière de chef-d’œuvre, une histoire haletante de sexe, de jalousie et de vengeance dont l’amour dévoyé est le moteur. Si les femmes et leurs passions parfois morbides, sont au centre de l’action, les hommes, souvent pervers, n’en sont pas absents, bien au contraire."

Starring: Bambola , Daria Glower, Nikki Sun, Sarah Twain, Tarra White, Dillo, J.J., Rudi.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA.


"My own best film!" -SUSI MEDUSA.
"The girls are hungry for sex, so watch out, they are cumming to suck you dry! The latest release from the Pirate collection has 6 out of this world sex scenes. With their evil sex minds, the vampires use their dungeon as the lair of pleasure to bring all your fantasies to life. Directed by Susie Medusa, one of the top female's in the industry, and with the kinky 15th century dungeon as the setting for some of the darkest raging. A masterpiece of gothic passion and hardcore lust, the story of eternal twisted vengeance and of female perversion will live on forever. Lya and Hilona want to dig their fangs into the hard meaty flesh of the Count as he slays them from behind. Cum and join all your favourite stars, Ellen Saint, Julie Silver, and Liliane Tiger only some of the stunning women clad in festish attire that you will find inside Draculya."
"Draculya, the girls are hungry is a big budget original movie masterpiece filled with geothic passion ans hardcore lust shot in a European castle and a real 15th century dungeon. A Vampire saga that rise up from the evil sexx minds of two 1880's Carpatian women."
Featuring: Ellen Saint, Julie Silver, Liliane Tiger, Lucy Love, Natalli di Angelo, Nikki Sun, Vanessa May, Dillon, J.J., Rudi.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA.


"Fetish Director Susi Medusa delivers two hours of lusty domination, 120 minutes of pure burning sexual fire! The dark imagination of Lou Manning, a charming bisexual witch with a heart of stone, will drag you into carnal scenes of the most depraved sodomy and fetishist action."
"Un film de Susi Medusa.
Ce film - le sixième de l'excellente Susi Medusa pour la série Pirate Fetish Machine - explore l'imagination noire et vicieuse de Lou Manning, une charmante bisexuelle au coeur de pierre, qui livre ses petites copines à la luxure sadique de mâles brutaux et vêtus de cuir noir."
Featuring: Keira Farrell, Lucy Lee, Lucy Lee, Lucy Love, Natalli di Angelo, Nikki Sun, Frank M., Rudi, Neeo.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA.


"When young, innocent Angel goes to live with her sex maniac stepmother, she begins having twisted, perverted fantasies and enters a new life filled with carnal lust!"
"After being blackmailed by the merciless loan shark Poniatowski, Kazakis, the father of young, innocent Angel, commits suicide. The girl falls into the hands of Anne, her perverted stepmother who tells her that she'll take care of her, but in reality she can't wait to get rid of her. While still in mourning, her stepmother throws herself into depraved sex with one of her masochistic lovers. Poor Angel locks herself in her room and curses herself for being weak, and as she looks at her reflection in front of the mirror she says "I wish I was bad!" And so she descends into a vortex of domination, sodomy and vengeance as she sees visions of women dressed as fetish crazed demons who take their pleasure from telling Angel to "Do it, do it! Enjoy the Abyss!"

So Angel starts to look into her own personal abyss. She sees bad girls dressed as macho boys dancing and fucking each other and men who kneel before leather idols, using and abusing them while perverted sodomists feed their twisted desires with pure fetishism. Soon Angel learns how to be really bad using her female lover Eve as a tool for avenging her father's death. Once Angel returns from the Abyss she sees life in a very different way. She frees herself from Anne's clutches and throws herself into her brave new world, determined to satisfy every carnal craving she has!"

Featuring: Angel Dark, Liliane Tiger, Lucy Love, Sarah Blue, Suzie Diamond, Vanessa May, Gabriel Montoya, Franco Trentalance, Andrea Moranty, Robert Rosenberg.
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA.


"Susi Medusa has built up a big reputation for herself by creating fetish filled sextravaganzas for Pirate Fetish Machine. Here we have created a special collectors double DVD pack with her finest fetish moments. Including lots of DP action, kinky costumes, super sex vixens obsessed with depravity and dominance, cum into Miss Medusas world and live out her twisted fantasies!"
"Enjoy some of the best hardcore fetish from Susi Medusa in this special four disc set."
Written, styled and directed by SUSI MEDUSA.